5 Best Home Delivery Meal Kits You Can Order

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The food delivery sector of food services has been enjoying a moment of acceptance and innovation. The thrills have been more profound since the pandemic when everyone was forced inside as one of the measures of flattening the curve.

Today, there are several companies into home delivery on Whatever your focus is, whether it’s vegan food or not, these — arguably — best delivery service companies will bring your meal kits down to your doorstep.

1.          Home Chef:

Home Chef’s meal kits are some of the best there are. This is because the company is known for quality products and great customer service. Founded in 2013 by Patrick Vihtelic in Chicago, Illinois, Home Chef is into all kinds and manners of meal kits and food delivery service. In addition to delivering meals, Home Chef also offers the delivery of ingredients and recipes. The company’s meal kits, however, are amongst the best ones you could ever get anywhere.

2.          Sun Basket:

Founded in 2014 by Justine Kelly and Adam Zbar, Sun Basket provides meal kits at an affordable price the company considers incredibly cheap for such standards. Located in California with more than 400 employees, Sunbasket sends high-quality ingredients and organic recipes to interested customers. Aside from that, their services boast of meal plans that range from vegan meals to non-vegan meals as much as you want it. Sunbasket also offers special diets and delicacies if that is your choice of meals.

3.          Green Chef:

No doubt, Green Chef has been much around for some time. And as the name implies, the company is all about sustainability. According to them, their meal kits are organic and come with easy and instructional recipes that guide you through your cooking journey step-by-step. Founded by Michael Joseph, Green Chef also delivers drinks and beverages to interested parties alongside their meal kits.

4.          Gobble:

Ever considered having a meal kit with the majority of the preparation done for you? This is what distinguishes Gobble from the rest. Known to be one of the fast-rising food delivery firms around the globe, Gobble’s meal kits take on a daring stand by providing you with meal kits that can easily go from pan to plate in minutes. The company offers all kinds of meals that you can choose from. There are meals after your weight and others just themed around your wellbeing.

5.          Blue Apron:

If you’ve been avid in the food sector, it would be quite impossible for you not to notice Blue Apron. The company founded by Matt Wadiak, Matt Salzberg, and Ilia Papas, has been in the business of delivering top-notch meal kits since 2012. That was some years before the ubiquity of food delivery services. Blue Apron’s meal kits go from personalised meals to special meals. You can choose the range of your meals and what you want them to include. You can modify and get the perfect blend you want.


Our busy schedules mean we cannot always get what we want to be prepared or shopped for. But thanks to food delivery companies, we can get exactly the meal kits we want.