Aloe vera plant useful to overcome skin inflammation


of the skin usually appears due to x-ray when surgery, gradually under the sun or caused by trauma. To overcome these disorders, experts usually use the liquid/gel found in Aloe vera meat to be used as medicine.


Aloe vera plant can also be used for skin care.


Benefits of aloe vera for skin care is already known since the first, even since the days of Cleopatra. So no wonder if now many cosmetic products made from aloe vera extract, because the content contained in aloe vera plant can seep into the skin and prevent loss of fluid on the skin surface. Therefore, the moisture in the skin will remain intact.


Aloe vera plant is used to overcome the sunburned skin


To overcome the sunburned skin, by taking the essence of aloe vera meat and given a few drops of lemon juice. After that apply on the burning skin using a soft cotton, then let stand for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. This can eliminate the adverse effects of sunlight while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. (Read also: function of aloe vera)


Aloe vera plant useful to brighten dull facial skin


Everyone, especially women must really crave bright and radiant facial skin, to make skin bright and shining face naturally you can use aloe vera plant.

If you want to try it, first you mix the aloe vera juice with rose water. Next, you apply all over your facial skin until evenly distributed, after that give massage-massage gently on your face for 3 minutes and let stand for 15 minutes then wash with cold water until clean. It is to remove dead skin cells and refresh the skin. Do this treatment once a week for maximum results.


Aloe vera plant is also useful to eliminate acne


Benefits of Aloe vera can not only be used as a facial cleanser but also can eliminate acne and shrink the pores on your face.

How to care that is, prepare a stalk of aloe vera and boil until boiling, then puree until becoming a paste and add a little honey while in stir until honey mixed evenly with aloe vera. Next, apply all over the facial skin and other parts of the pimply skin, let stand about 15 minutes until the mask is dry and then wash with cold water.


Aloe vera plants can also remove rashes on the skin


Rash or redness of the skin is usually experienced for those who have sensitive skin types, for those who have sensitive skin types to be careful in the use of leather products that will be used.

To overcome such skin disorders, mix gel aloe vera, cucumber juice and fresh yogurt. Stir the following ingredients into a paste, then apply on the affected skin rash and rinse after 10 minutes. This treatment can make skin feel fresh and the rash will gradually disappear.

Such is the explanation of the benefits of aloe vera for the skin, hopefully, what I have to say can be useful for the readers.