Guidelines For Dressing According To Your Shape

Finding and wearing an outfit that conforms well to your particular shape can seem impossible. If you keep applying the typical fashion rules, it can seem like you’re dressing like everyone else which certainly takes the fun out of it. Of course, that said, you don’t want to dress in a way that doesn’t make you look and feel good. So, exactly how do you deal with this problem? We all know that variety is the spice of life, so exactly how can you create exciting outfits that look fantastic in your shape? See here for how to get a slim thick body.

Consider Important Principles & Not Rules

When it comes to the rules for different body shapes, you should use these as mere guidelines. Remember, fashion police don’t exist and even if you have a triangular-shaped body and you wear a halter top, there’s no one to arrest you. Many people often get caught up in the typical rules for different body shapes, but what exactly are the main principles?


Apple-shaped bodies should wear clothes with distinguished necklines since they help to make the torso longer. A-line skirts also help to make the hips more defined.


In order to make the upper part of your body more defined, use complex necklaces. Also, in order to balance your lower body, you should wear pants with wide legs or skinny legs.


To balance out the shoulders in triangular-shaped bodies, then clothes with V necklines or wide necklines can do so. Bottoms should either be skinny or straight cut.


By wearing separates, they help to create a more prominent waistline. Also, layers can be used to add depth.


An hourglass figure should wear cinched waist dresses or tailored clothes as well as high rise pants or jeans.

Smoothing The Line

Now, these traditional rules aren’t set in stone and you shouldn’t restrict your wardrobe by blindly following them. After all, shapewear exists so that you can wear almost whatever you desire. Therefore, if you happen to have an apple-shaped waist, you should use a high rise control brief shapewear. This will actually pull in your waist so that you have more curves and smoother lines. In a similar fashion, you can use shaping shorts to slim your thighs and hips. This will greatly help to change the shape of a pear-shaped posterior. When you smooth your body using shapewear, you can easily wear many different types of clothing styles and feel confident doing so.

Theme Variations

After you’ve figured out a particular style that you find to be quite flattering, then you can do variations on it. For example, you can wear structured or skater A-line skirts. If you like bold prints, these prints don’t necessarily always have to be floral. If you’re a fan of V-necklines, you can try cowl or scoop necks. You definitely don’t need to keep wearing the same style all the time.


You should never be fearful when it comes to using shapewear. It’s fine to only have particular outfits that you only wear on top of a shapewear cami or bodysuit. The point is, it’s fine once you feel good and confident when doing so. There are lots of different shapewear that you can buy that can be used every day or on special occasions. They can truly help you to wear different styles and look amazing!


The great thing about accessories is that they can completely transform your outfit. For example, if you have a large bust and neck rolls, you can easily adjust your look by wearing a scarf or suitable necklace. If you naturally have a rectangular shape, you can simply wear a wide belt to give you a more defined waist. Whatever your shape may be, don’t allow it to stop what you want to wear since there are many accessories that you can use to achieve the look you desire.