Actually, what is meant by unhealthy snacks that? Is it just unhealthy snacks merely pointed at street snacks mostly produced by personnel who lack enough knowledge about the intricacies of nutritious healthy food composition and cleanliness? Though they are housewives who want to help husbands to increase income and men who are not fortunate to get another status except as a street vendor. If people say Medan, merchandise Sign.

So, what kind of healthy snacks it?

According to health experts, should snacks for children have a composition of good nutrition and balanced? It also contains no preservatives, artificial colors and unnecessary additives, for example; instant taste. Still added to the cleanliness of the processing and cleanliness of materials. A lot, right?

Continue, how to guarantee it? Is it a snack sold in supermarkets or the heralded in television commercials and print ads really pay attention to the dose of healthy snacks it? Not necessarily. Hawker ads sometimes even display non-essential foods that are far from healthy, such as colorful candies that trace the color attached long on the tongue of children.

After all, we can’t always live in god-level suspicions and enforce stop-eating signs on all fronts for children. There are children who will even go on a hunger strike.


Introducing children to healthy foods and their characteristics is far more important than lecturing them to live healthy without snacks. Because even though his mother at home cook and every day make a variety of healthy snacks, whose names the kids still want a snack like his friends. Especially if the snack was very delicious with a gift of toys, even a thousand and two thousand in the pack. Who would not? The mother also drooled . Not given the same money pocket money, ask the same father. Can’t be from both, ask your grandmother, uncle, aunt, even neighbors. Read also : recipes steamed cake ingredients

The characteristics of healthy snacks, among others, mentioned in various health articles, snacks that do not have striking colors, sweet-acid-savory excessive, packaged in safe plastic packaging (polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) is colorless / not cloudy ) and have permission from WHO. Note also the composition of the ingredients. For hygiene processing materials, of course, can’t be seen directly. But in my opinion, one of the guarantors is the identity of the snack manufacturer, complete with the address. This will make it easier to search how far the security of the product they produce.

Not Just Food Packaging

Who says just packaged food or snack market in the corner should be wary of? The findings of who recently revealed that ice drinks sold in schools to be the largest supplier of bacteria and microbes than food. Generally due to water conditions used for making less sterile ice and also a block of ice that is not intended for body consumption. Ice-cubes for fish coolers, for example, that move from one hand to many other hands, are now mostly used directly by drink sellers.

Pathetic, is not it? Means quite a lot of things that cause food/beverages sold as snacks of the child, not really in clean and healthy condition.